721基金會今後只會專注於透過舉辦不同項目推動香港的民主人權發展, 營運民主香港獎學金及進行有關香港研究方面的工作,原有的黄色經濟項目包括「和你譯」中英翻譯項目,「手足市集」及「代筆士」將會遷移去我們創辦人Andrew Wong的公司 ,有任何查詢可聯絡Andrew Wong(info@gbosltd.com)。 Andrew Wong表示從「和你譯」中英翻譯項目,「手足市集」及「代筆士」所得的利潤,在扣除成本後,全數捐贈給721基金會。



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501(c)(3) Progress of the Application of Tax-exempt Organization and Future Development

Our attorney has filed the application of the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization on behalf of 721 Foundation. During our early meeting, our attorney suggested that after approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization, we should focus on charitable purposes defined by the IRS, such as education, research, and scholarship. Considering these, we will have corporate restructuring.

721 Foundation will focus on organizing various projects in promoting democracy and human rights development in Hong Kong. We will then concentrate on the Democratic Hong Kong Scholarship project and carry out research regarding Hong Kong. Previous projects, such as Freedom Translators, Democratic Artist, and Liberty Ghostwriter will be moved to Andrew Wong’s company. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact Andrew’s company via info@gbosltd.com. All the proceeds arising from Freedom Translator, Democractic Artist, and Liberty Ghostwriting after deducting costs will be donated to the 721 Foundation.

721 Foundation


Website: www.721hk.org

Email: info@721hk.org

Donation: www.721hk.org/donations

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